Super Natural is a San Francisco/Oakland-based trio that serves up a unique and modern take on sixties folk, eighties punk and new wave, nineties indie rock and the timeless themes of love, hate, greed, justice, revolution and struggle.The rich but sometimes edgy songwriting of Antonette Goroch blends traditional folk themes and melodies with simple punk power chords, warm gentle distortion and riot grrrl sensibilities that bring diverse comparisons ranging from Mazzy Star,  Liz Phair, Penelope Houston and Neko Case to X, Fairport Convention and Pavement.  Danny Applebag (aka Danny Lovefinger) and Gregory Coats Piper (aka Horsepucky) solidify the defining rhythms of the groups sound—equal parts tight and sassy.Super Natural released its first recording (self-titled) on CD/Cassette with premier boutique record label Aerobic International  in May 2014.

Awaken Cafe–August 8, 2014

“Justice for Christmas”